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The Centre of Teaching and Learning is the result of a vision and a scientific debate that lasted many years in the field of University Pedagogy. Its goal is to promote and create a community of learning, innovation, and continuous improvement of teaching at the D.U.Th. The Centre supports faculty members and lecturers into exchange views and create good practices of learning and teaching, to record their needs, to reflect, to develop modern and effective educational actions, including the use of ICT in the teaching of university courses. Most importantly, it aims to create a culture of support among members of our academic community to create modern educational environments that will facilitate and support our students' learning in the best possible way.

Katerina Kedraka, Professor, DUTh

Coordinator of the Centre of Teaching and Learning of the DUTh



Supporting teachers and informing them about the use of New Information and Communication Technologies.


Communication between teachers and organization of meetings to exchange views on successful practices or problems encountered during their teaching field.

Initiatives & Partnerships

Development of initiatives and synergies with other corresponding structures of higher education institutions, institutes or bodies with similar activities operating in Greece or abroad.

Learning Circles

rganization of learning circles and all kinds of activities in cooperation with other scientific, professional, research or educational institutions and institutions in Greece or abroad after the conclusion of a relevant protocol of cooperation.

Provision of Services

reparation of studies, development of innovative educational material related to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, as well as undertaking relevant research work.


Organization of Conferences / Workshops, Experiential Workshops and other scientific activities, such as the publication of scientific journals, etc.

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